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A book about staying at home.

You might look out the window and ask, “Why are we all inside?"

Is it still there? Did someone take it away? Where has everyone gone to play?

Well, everyone’s playing at home today.
They’re playing games or building forts. Or pirate ships. Or drawing pictures.
Or dressing up.

And you might ask,

Everyone’s inside because some of us don’t feel well.

And if you don’t feel well, sometimes the best thing you can do is just not be around other people, in case you make them not feel well too.

So because we care about each other so much, we’ve decided that the best way to show each other how much we love each other, is just to spend a bit of time apart, while those of us who aren’t feeling well get better.

We can also wash our hands to show that we care and to keep ourselves and our families safe from germs.

You might ask, how long should we wash them for?

For as long as it takes us to sing Happy Birthday twice.

If you would like, you can pretend it’s your hand’s birthday.

Maybe you’re wondering, what’ll happen if you don’t feel well?

Or if your parents don’t feel well?

Anyone who doesn’t feel well will get some medicine, lots of books to read, flowers, and maybe even some jelly.

You might say,

“But I’m bored being inside!”

Being inside might be boring sometimes. I might have to sit at a boring computer or on a boring phone call or shuffle some boring papers around in a boring way while I think of something else boring.

But I have an important job for you. I need you to chase the bored away.

You can build a pillow fort to keep the bored out, or read a book - the bored hates that, or draw a picture of the bored - the bored hates having his picture drawn most of all!

Especially if your draw rabbit ears on his head.

We’re going to be spending a lot more time together and a lot less time with our friends. But if we miss our friends, we can call them and pull funny faces at them, and chase the bored away together.

But for now, we’re together, and we can do all the things we’ve wanted to do, like tidy our rooms.

Or build a spaceship instead.

And even if things get a little bit messy, we’ll be here and we’ll be fine. We might not be able to do all the things we want to do but that’s because we want to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Sometimes things might seem scary but I promise we will be here with you for all of this.

We might not always know what’s going to happen but I promise you, you will be fine and we’re taking care of things.

And we’ll all be together, again, soon.

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If you have bought this book, thank you very much but you are also welcome to have it for free. We are living in extraordinary times and guiding our children and talking to them about what’s going on is going to be challenging and I hope this book can help. If you would like to help my family and I, consider sharing it or purchasing some of my other books. Either way, I send you my best and I hope you stay safe.
- iain s. thomas